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Autori: Koletić, Goran; Matković, Teo, Štulhofer, Aleksandar
Naslov: Pornography Use and Adolescents' Sexual Risk Taking: Longitudinal Insights From the PROBIOPS Study
Izvornik: 14th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology Book of AbstractsRome, Italy : European Federation of Sexology , 2018. 90-90.
Skup: 14th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology
Mjesto i datum: Albufeira, Portugal, 09.-12. svibnja 2018.
Ključne riječi: sexually explicit material ; risky sexual behavior ; adolescence ; longitudinal assessment
Objective: The unprecedented accessibility and affordability of online sexually explicit material (SEM) has facilitated widespread pornography use among adolescents and growing concerns over adverse reproductive health outcomes. Although SEM-related risky sexual behaviors have been one of the central concerns, there is a paucity of longitudinal studies addressing this issue. This study aimed to assess the longitudinal association between frequency of SEM use and risky sexual behavior among adolescents. Design and Method: Two independent panel samples of Croatian adolescents were used for the analysis. Both panels had 4 measurement points 6 month apart. Indicators of risky sexual behavior were: (1) not using a condom at most recent sexual intercourse and (2) reporting two or more sexual partners. Multilevel logistic regression analysis was used the explore the association between SEM use and risky sexual behaviors. Results: Controlling for sociodemographic characteristics, age at first contact with SEM and sensation seeking, higher frequency of SEM use was associated with higher likelihood of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse only among male adolescents in the larger panel sample. Direct replication in the smaller panel sample failed to corroborate this finding. No significant association between SEM use and multiple sexual partners was found among adolescent men and women in either panel. Conclusions: These findings are relevant for various health and educational experts, policy makers and general public, parents in particular. Additional analytically robust studies of this important public health topic are needed.
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