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Autori: Šabić, Josip; Matić, Jelena; Košutić, Iva; Ristić Dedić, Zrinka
Naslov: Does perceived parents' and teacher's support affect students' self-efficacy?
Izvornik: EARLI SIG 18 & 23 conference "Towards sustainable school improvement through rigorous research" - The Book of Abstracts
Skup: EARLI SIG 18 & 23 conference "Towards sustainable school improvement through rigorous research"
Mjesto i datum: Groningen, Nizozemska, 29.-31.08.2018.
Ključne riječi: Achievement, Parental involvement in learning ; Self-efficacy ; Quantitative methods
Effective schools should not only enable students to acquire knowledge and skills. They should help students to develop a positive self- regard, as well as an optimistic attitude when faced with the multiplicity of academic tasks. Among the important actors that stimulate or hinder the development of the academic self- efficacy in students, parents and teachers play a prominent role. High levels of parental interest and engagement in their children’s schooling, together with the caring approach of the teacher might be especially relevant for the development of the younger students' feelings of self-efficacy. This paper examines how predictive are the perception of parents' and teacher's support for the students' self- efficacy reports, over and above their estimated academic achievement. The quantitative study encompassing these measures was conducted on the sample of 1062 fourth grade students in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. Data was analysed using hierarchical regression analysis. Estimated students’ achievement explained around 14 % of the variance of the students’ self-efficacy. The perception of parents' and teacher's support explained unexpectedly low percent of the students’ self-efficacy above the information about their school success (6 %). Overall, the indicators explained around 20 % of the variance of the students’ self-efficacy, with estimated achievement being most predictive. The perception of parents' support was somewhat weaker predictor of the students’ self-efficacy than the perception of teacher’s support. The results are discussed in light of the need of parental and teacher support to become more empowering and long-term oriented, versus more operative, task-oriented and short-term.
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