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Autori: Glavaš, Hrvoje; Vidaković, Držislav; Jeršek, Željko; Kraus, Zorislav
Naslov: Infrared Thermography in Maintenance of Building Applied Photovoltaics
Izvornik: Journal of Energy (0013-7448) 67 (2018), 4; 7-11
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Infrared thermography, Photovoltaic systems, Maintenance
Photovoltaic Systems (PV) are the most widely used renewable energy source in the Republic of Croatia but with a modest share in the total energy balance. EU energy policy encourages PV installation in building elements such as facades, roofs or separate constructions with the aim of achieving zero-energy buildings. Whether an integrated or stand-alone system during their lifetime requires periodic maintenance. In a normal operation, it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection twice a year before and after the winter period to determine the condition of the equipment, connecting lines and supporting structures. In the case of a significant deviation from the normal production, the inspection must be done as soon as possible. Most commonly, the problems of the unmaintained system cannot be perceived as long as the PV system is in an operational state. Dropping of dust, bird droppings or shading over a longer period may lead to system components being damaged and to necessary repair costs that can be prevented by regular maintenance procedures, including regular surface cleaning of photovoltaic panels. Infrared thermography is a fast method of detecting heat sources due to shading or defective photovoltaic module elements. The paper provides visual examples of thermal spots that can be observed during the infrared thermographic inspection of photovoltaic systems, as well as a review of their impact on the system.
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Google Scholar: Infrared Thermography in Maintenance of Building Applied Photovoltaics
Upisao u CROSBI: Hrvoje Glavaš (, 20. Pro. 2018. u 20:04 sati

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