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Autori: Kaštelan Mrak, Marija
Naslov: Technological Limitations on Market Performance: The Case of the Croatian Manufacturing Industry
( Technological Limitations on Market Performance: The Case of the Croatian Manufacturing Industry )
Knjiga: Developing Market Based Resource Strategies for South East Europe
Urednik/ci: Grbac, Bruno ; Martin, James
Izdavač: John Carroll University, University of Rijeka
Grad: Cleveland, Rijeka
Godina: 2001
Raspon stranica:: 177-206
ISBN: 953-6148-24-2
Ključne riječi: Technological Limitations, Market Performance, Manufacturing Industry
( Technological Limitations, Market Performance, Manufacturing Industry )
Among Croatian economists it is commonly agreed that the Croatian economy has lost its relative competitive standing among CEE countries during the decade of nineties. The often cited reason, which will not be elaborated in this paper, include the war, poor management, mislead economic policy, etc. This paper presents an exploratory study carried out to investigate how and why did some individual firms succeed and were able to overcome the generally unfavorable situation and generate growth and profit. The paper starts by presenting selected macroeconomic indicators in order to clarify the present standing of the Croatian manufacturing sector. By establishing an overall picture of the dominant trends in Croatian manufacturing, it was possible to shed some light on marketing capabilities of the Croatian manufacturing sector as a whole. The behavior of individual firms was then analyzed through a comprehensive questionnaire run in late spring of 1998. The questionnaire was answered and returned by some 300 firms, out of which those pertaining to four industries were selected to be used in a study sample. The data analyzed indicated that firms with above average investment activity, especially those that reported to be more sensitive to technological issues, were the ones prone to achieve superior market and financial performance.
Projekt / tema: 081003
Izvorni jezik: eng
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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