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Research fields

(2007 to present)

The list of publication for the institution include a papers assigned to the specific scientific field during the data input.

Natural sciences

   Interdisciplinary natural sciences

Technical sciences

   Architecture and urban planning
   Electrical engineering
   Civil engineering
   Graphic technology
   Chemical engineering
   Computer science
   Mining, petroleum and geological engineering
   Mechanical engineering
   Traffic technology and transport
   Textile technology
   Aviation, rocket and space technology
   Fundamental technical sciences
   Interdisciplinary technical sciences

Biomedicine and health

   Fundamental medical sciences
   Clinical medicine sciences
   Public health and health care system
   Veterinary medicine
   Dental medicine

Biotechnical sciences

   Timber technology
   Food processing technology
   Interdisciplinary biotechnical sciences

Social sciences

   Political science
   Information and communication sciences
   Education-rehabilitation sciences
   Speech therapy
   Social activity
   Safety protection and defence science disciplines
   Interdisciplinary social sciences


   Fine arts history
   Fine arts science
   Ethnology and anthropology
   Religious studies (interdisciplinary area)
   Interdisciplinary humanistic studies


   Theater arts (performing and media arts)
   Movie arts (movie, electronic and moving picture media arts)
   Art of music
   Fine arts
   Applied arts
   Dance art and the art of movement
   Interdisciplinary field of art

Interdisciplinary sciences

   Cognitive sciences (natural, technical, biomedical and healthcare, social and humanistic sciences)
   Integrative bioethics (natural, technical, biomedical and healthcare, social and humanistic sciences)
   Croatian studies
   Educational sciences (child and educational psychology, sociology of education, political science of education, economics of education, anthropology of education, neurosciences and early learning, educational disciplines)
   Gender studies
   Biotechnology in biomedicine (natural, biomedical and healthcare, biotehnical sciences)
   Project management
   Military defense and security-intelligence sciences and art

Interdisciplinary art sciences