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Bibliographic record number: 375442


Authors: Bituh, Tomislav; Petrinec, Branko; Marović, Gordana; Senčar, Jasminka; Gospodarić, Iva
Title: Ra-226 and Ra-228 in Croatian Rivers
Source: Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 32 (2008), S2; 105-108
Paper type: article
Keywords: natural radioactivity; 226Ra; 228Ra; river water; monitoring
Results of 226Ra and 228Ra in Croatian river waters are presented in this paper. The presence of natural radionuclides in Croatian rivers emphasizes the need for continuous monitoring. 226Ra and 228Ra were chosen as a possible source of human exposure to radioactivity due to their high radio-toxicity. Fifty liters of river water samples were collected from the Danube, Drava, Sava, Krka and Neretva rivers twice a year from 2002 to 2006. Activity concentrations of 226Ra ranged from 6.54 mBq/L to 59.44 mBq/L and 228Ra activity concentrations ranged from 2.57 mBq/L to 20.76 mBq/L. The highest values of both 226Ra and 228Ra were measured in the river Drava, and the lowest values in the river Sava. Statistically significant differences were not observed between radium concentrations from two watersheds (the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea watershed), nor between 226Ra/228Ra ratio in rivers individually. The number of collected samples is insufficient to make more statistically significant conclusions. However the data obtained in this study could be the baseline for evaluating possible future changes.
Project / theme: 022-0222882-2823, 022-0222882-2335
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: SCI-EXP, SSCI i/ili A&HCI
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Physics,Public health and health care system
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Google Scholar: Ra-226 and Ra-228 in Croatian Rivers
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