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Bibliographic record number: 587125


Authors: Matić-Skoko, Sanja; Ferri, Josipa; Tutman, Pero; Skaramuca, Daria; Đikić, Domagoj; Lisičić, Duje; Franić, Zdenko; Skaramuca, Boško
Title: The age, growth and feeding habits of the European conger eel, Conger conger (L.) in the Adriatic Sea
Source: Marine biology research (1745-1000) 8 (2012), 10; 1012-1018
Paper type: article
Keywords: age determination; growth; feeding; Conger conger; Adriatic Sea
This study determined basic biological data for the European conger eel, Conger conger (L.) population in the coastal waters of the eastern Adriatic Sea. Juveniles and immature females dominated the coastal population, whereas males were relatively uncommon. The population structure determined by the study suggested spatial separation of sexes and spawning grounds in deeper waters. Both edge-type and marginal increment analyses confirmed the formation of a single growth annulus per year on the ground otoliths. The observed maximum age of the coastal conger eels was 8 years, although most of the sampled fish were 5 years old. The estimated parameters of the von Bertalanffy growth model suggested that the growth of the conger eels was relatively slow. C. conger is an opportunistic predator. Its diet was composed primarily of fishes, followed by crustaceans and cephalopods. Due to the evident site fidelity of the species, the wide prey spectrum of the conger eels (33 taxa) reflected the local benthic community structure.
Project / theme: 022-0222882-2823, 275-0010501-0856, 001-0013077-0844
Original language: ENG
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Category: Znanstveni
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DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2012.706307
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Google Scholar: The age, growth and feeding habits of the European conger eel, Conger conger (L.) in the Adriatic Sea
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