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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 789368


Autori: Smolčić Jurdana, Dora; Milohnić, Ines; Dadić, Lorena
Naslov: Entrepreneurship in Tourism as a Factor of Rural Development
Izvornik: Journal of WEI Business and Economics (2168-7315) 4 (2015), 2; 59-1-59-10
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Entrepreneurship ; Rural development ; Rural tourism
In the face of growing segmentation of demand in the tourism market, the combination of entrepreneurship and rural tourism shows great potential in fostering economic development in previously marginalised areas. Specifically, the development of entrepreneurship in rural tourism is one of the major determinants of GDP growth and boosting employment in rural areas. The purpose and aim of this paper is to identify the attitudes, wants and preferences of entrepreneurs in rural areas in Croatia and Slovenia, and ascertain their plans for future business. Research was conducted on a sample of 366 entrepreneurs in rural areas in Croatia and Slovenia. The research tool was an interviewer- administered structured questionnaire applied in selected destinations in Croatia and Slovenia. Two hundred questionnaires were collected on the Croatian side, and the sample consisted of entrepreneurs in rural areas in Istria County and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, while on the Slovenian side, 166 questionnaires were gathered. The questionnaire comprised a total of 69 questions, classified into seven groups (socio-demographic profile, economic parameters, psychological profile of respondents, educational background and work experience, key motivations for starting a business, self-evaluation of competencies, and satisfaction with business operations). Based on the results of research conducted, it can be concluded that at the national level independent entrepreneurial activities are carried out by people of a mature age, possessing certain work experience, and mostly having secondary school or higher education qualifications, while younger people rarely choose this type of independent activity. For the most part, entrepreneurs started their own businesses out of economic necessity or were driven by inquisitiveness in detecting business opportunities. Research results will serve as a platform for developing guidelines for the joint marketing of tourism products and services in rural areas, aimed at creating conditions for entrepreneurial networking and fostering the development of a comprehensive tourism product for a destination. Conclusions articulated will serve as recommendations for designing workshops for potential and existing entrepreneurs in the domain of rural tourism.
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Google Scholar: Entrepreneurship in Tourism as a Factor of Rural Development
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