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Autori: Herceg, Zoran; Lelas, Vesna; Krešić, Greta
Naslov: Influence of tribomechanical micronization on the physical and functional properties of whey proteins
Izvornik: International Journal of Dairy Technology (1364-727X) 58 (2005), 4; 225-232
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: tribomechanical micronization; whey protein concentrate; functional properties
Because of its high nutritional value and commercially important functional properties whey proteins are of high interest nowdays. The investigations was carried out with whey protein concentrates containing 60% and 80% proteins (marked as WPC-60 and WPC-80, respectively). In our work proteins were treated using the laboratory equipment for tribomechanical micronization and activation (TMA) with three different rotor speeds, as follows: 16.000 ; 20.000 and 22.000 rpm. The results showed that the TMA treatment causes a significant decrease (P<0.05) in particle size, a change in particle size distribution, and an increase in specific area of WPC. As a consequence of the TMA process, rupturing of protein globules and the appearance of a greater number of protein fragments occured. Solubility, dispersibility, foaming and emulsifying properties of tribomechanically treated whey protein concentrates (TWPC) were also modified. The results of particle analysis confirmed that a decrease in particle size correlates with an improvement of the foaming properties. These changes in the treated materials depend on the type of the WPC used and the rotor speed of the TMA equipment. The most obvious changes were observed in samples treated at the maximum rotor speed of the TMA equipment.
Projekt / tema: 0058021
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Google Scholar: Influence of tribomechanical micronization on the physical and functional properties of whey proteins

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