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Autori: Kovačević, Daniel; Brnelić, Martin; Lustig, Nikola; Grandić, Davor; Bjelanović, Adriana
Naslov: Ex torpedo launch pad structure in Rijeka – damage estimation procedure
Izvornik: Rijeka, the historical traffic crossroad between Mediterranean and Europe - 2007. Proceedings / Smokvina, Miljenko - Protorpedo ; Lenac, Zdravko - Sveučilište u Rijeci (ur.). - Rijeka :
Skup: Rijeka, the historical traffic crossroad between Mediterranean and Europe - 2007. 3rd International Conference of Industrial Heritage
Mjesto i datum: Rijeka, Hrvatska, 12.10.-13.10.2007.
Ključne riječi: reinforced concrete structure; testing properties of deteriorated material; damage classification; reinforcement corrosion; marine environment; estimate of current condition
The world's first torpedo was produced here in Rijeka back in 19th century and in order to provide the final testing of the product the present launch pad was constructed in 1920s. As an important facility of the torpedo factory, this building nowadays makes a valuable monument of Rijeka's rich industrial heritage. Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Rijeka has joined the initiative to protect this building from further decay, repair it and re-define its function in the light of its historical role and significance. Within the University sponsored project "Exploration of the Civil Engineering Heritage of Rijeka and its Surroundings", which is set to last until spring 2008, the Division of Structures and Engineering Mechanics and the Chair of Construction Managemet, Technology and Architecture of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Rijeka along with its students aim at contributing to this initiative with its professional and scientific expertise. The objective of our project is to produce a report in which the current state of the structure of the torpedo launch pad will be evaluated firstly in terms of stuctural safety and the overall damage level. Secondly, viability of repair of the damaged structure will be considered in order to protect the building and extend its life-span as a protected object of cultural or museum application. Within this project, the possibilities, limitations and consequences of the repair procedure will be dealt with from the structural and economic viewpoint. The building is situated in very specific conditions: one part of it rests on coastal foundations, while the rest of it is supported by the concrete columns founded directly on the seabed in a way that most of the structure lies just above the sea level. In the present maritime conditions the steel reinforcement in the concrete structure has been subject to corrosion induced by chloride ions which has caused a progressive decay of the reinforced concrete structure during such a long period of time. The harmful effects of corrosion can be seen in the reduction of the effective cross-sectional area of the reinforcement bars and their ductility, longitudinal fracturing and flaking of the concrete protection, and the loss of adhesion between the concrete and the reinforcement. Overall damage of the structure caused by such corrosion is considerable. Engineering methodology of estimating the current condition of the structure includes studying the existing documentation, visual inspection of the structure, field and laboratory testing, including the material tests on the specimens taken from the structure, preliminary classification of damage and, eventually, calculation of the residual bearing capacity. The aim of the laboratory testing is to define the condition of the materials of the structure, which includes material properties of the concrete and the corroded reinforcement, permeability of the concrete as well as the amount of chloride ions in the concrete in order to estimate influence of its age and the aggressive maritime environment on properties and durability of the building. In this work, the results of the testings and the damage classification are shown in more detail. We consider these to be the important initial basis needed to model the current state of the launch pad structure and consider the possibilities and limitations of the repair procedures suitable in the context of its unquestionable historical significance.
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Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: Adriana Bjelanović (, 9. Lis. 2007. u 12:30 sati

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