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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 574164


Autori: Perak, Benedikt
Naslov: The role of Embodied Cognition in Conceptualization of the Emotional Categories
Izvornik: Context, Review for Comparative Literature and Cultural Research (1857-7377) 9 (2011); 193-1-212-20
Vrsta rada: pregledni rad
Ključne riječi: Emotion; emotional category; conceptual metonymy; conceptual metaphor; corpus-based research; embodied cultural conceptualization; structure of lexical concept
This article discusses the conceptualization of emotional categories from the perspective of cognitive science. The main philosophical problem of the emotional phenomenon is the subjective nature of the experience and the epistemological problem of commensurability, which indicates the unattainable ground for objective and universal categorization suggesting the need for embodied cultural model of emotional categorization. In accordance with recent cognitive theories of emotion proposed by Feldman Barrett, the structure of emotional categories is analyzed as emerging from the neurological processes functionally dedicated to produce core affect, from which in turn emerge prototypical emotional episodes that are categorized and expressed in linguistic symbolic structures. The emergent phenomena of core affect, prototypical categories and symbolic structures represent the embodied quality of perceived objects and agents within respective cultural environment. Meaningful linguistic expressions of the emotional category integrate intentional awareness of the core affect and categorization of the prototypical experience in the lexically coded concept forming the embodied basis for the culturally conventionalized system of emotional lexical concepts. Due to the epistemological non commensurability, meaning of an emotional lexical concept is characterized by semantic projection from the framework of cognitive and cultural domains that facilitate simulation and recreation of affective experience. It is proposed that corpus-based studies of metonymic and metaphorical constructions, such as the presented study of the lexical concept of fear in Croatian language, provide methodology for structural, inter-cultural, cross-cultural and ideological description of subjective emotional categories.
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Puni text rada: 574164.Perak_2011_The_role_of_embodied_cognition_in_conceptualizaion_of_e_categories._Spectarpdf
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Google Scholar: The role of Embodied Cognition in Conceptualization of the Emotional Categories
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 15. Ožu. 2012. u 11:48 sati

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