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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 749799

Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Meijer, Sebastiaan; Brdjanovic, Damir; Šikić, Tanja; Matošić, Marin; Deduš, Božidar; Širac, Siniša
Naslov: WWTP Varaždin, Croatia, Use of models for cost- effective planning of plant retrofit and upgrade scenarios
Knjiga: Applications of Activated Sludge Models
Urednik/ci: Brdjanovic, D. ; Meijer S.C.F. ; Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. ; Hooijmans, C.M. ; van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.
Izdavač: IWA publishing
Grad: London
Godina: 2015
Raspon stranica:: 267-338
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 500
ISBN: 9781780404639
Ključne riječi: Activated sludge models
Modelling is an important activity in the development of science. Modelling not only requires the explicit and quantitative formulation of theoretical concepts, it also allows transfer of complicated knowledge between scientific disciplines as well as between theoretical and practical applications. For 25 years, activated sludge models have played a crucial role in the development of the activated sludge process. These models are not typically academic ; they do not aim to include every potential sub-processes involved in the activated sludge process. Instead, they are formulated with the minimum complexity needed to describe the relevant features of the process in practice. They also provide a systemized platform for the description of environmental biotechnological models in general, through the use of standardized notation and a matrix presentation. Over the years, wastewater research in Delft has benefitted greatly from the development of activated sludge models. On one hand, modelling has been expanded through the development of novel theoretical concepts and their application in new fields. On the other hand, models have been used for practical projects. This book has been prepared to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Activated Sludge Model Nr. 1 (ASM1), and in tribute to the activated sludge modelling pioneer, the late professor Marrais. It presents fifteen practical applications of the activated sludge model and their development, applied to plant optimization, the extension, upgrading, retrofitting and troubleshooting of wastewater treatment plants, carried out by the members of the Delft modelling group over the last two decades. These applications present a good overview of the potential of modelling, and can be used as examples in courses. We trust the cases will inspire future engineers to use model as central tools in their work on improving the wastewater treatment technology through innovation and optimization.
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Marin Matošić (, 29. Sij. 2015. u 10:30 sati

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