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Autori: Grbac, Bruno; Jardas, Darko; Renko, Nataša; First, Ivana; Dlačić, Jasmina
Naslov: Croatian Cases in Enterprenurship and Implications for Development
Izvornik: Agribusiness and Economic Development Symposium : proceedings / Shultz, Clifford (ur.). - Phoenix, Arizona : Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management, ASU , 2002. .
Skup: Agribusiness and Economic Development Symposium
Mjesto i datum: Phoenix, SAD, 13.-15.02.2002.
Ključne riječi: market orientation; agribusiness; development
Food and agribusiness form a major national strategic initiative in Croatia and the other countries in the South East Europe (SEE). The food systems, however are in very early transition. Throughout the channel, there is evidence of successful adoption of marketing orientation, but many barriers exist, most notably capitalization and infrastructure devastation resulting from the most recent wars. Consumers in Croatia and elsewhere in the SEE Countries spend an excessive amount of their incomes on food, which is counter to rapid economic development. It is imperative that the food industry becomes more efficient so consumer spending can be directed at other growth- stimulating sectors. There are market forces in place to foster this change, but clear policy directives must be also be implemented. The conducted research of consumers behavior in three countries (Croatia, Italy and Slovenia) indicated that shopping habits can be divided into two main categories. Purchases "in the neighborhood" and large purchases. First ones are frequent, little by volume, done in morning hours and in small stores. Second ones are rare, done in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday, around the middle of the month, they are bigger in volume and often abroad. Research of pasta consumption habits was also conducted. The results indicate that when consumers considerate buying pasta for them the most important is country of origin, followed by quality and then price. Authors contribution is manifested in presenting situational facts about habits when dealing with food as well as agricultural background. Conducted researches have indicated some habits of food shopping culture especially pasta.
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Projekt / tema: 081003, 010008
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