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Bibliographic record number: 132973


Authors: Tuđman, Miroslav; Mikelić, Nives
Title: Information Science: Science about Information, Misinformation and Disinformation
Source: Proceedings of the Informing Science (IS 2003) & IT Education Conference / Cohen, Edi ; Boyd, Elisabeth (ed). - Pori : Turku School of Economics and Business , 2003. 1513-1527.
Meeting: Informing Science & IT Education Conference
Location and date: Pori, Finska, 24.-27.06.2003
Keywords: Information Science; Information; Misinformation; Disinformation; Efficiency; Usability; Relevance; Usefulness; User; Sender
Participants in interaction, particularly in interactive network media (WWW), aim to change intentions, goals, decisions and actions of other participants in communication using information as well as disinfor-mation. Criteria for differentiation among information, misinformation and disinformation are suggested based on the value of information for different participants in interaction. Therefore, the notion of rele-vance needs to be redefined and efficiency of information is analyzed from the point of view of partici-pants in the communication process. Usability of information is defined as a measure of efficiency of the information process judged by the user, while usefulness of information is a measure of sender's effi-ciency regarding the decision-making processes and actions of the information user. Usefulness is a measure of the actual effect of the author (source) of information on the choice of goals, decisions and actions of the information user.
Type of meeting: Predavanje
Type of presentation in a journal: Full-text (1500 words and more)
Type of peer-review: International peer-review
Project / theme: 0130443
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences

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