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Bibliographic record number: 200318

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Authors: Jašić, Midhat; Đonlagić, Nusreta; Šubarić, Drago; Keran, Husein
Title: Contemporary principles of politics and legislation in food production
Book: Proceedings : TEMPUS IB_JEP 16140-2001
Editor/s: Sanchis, Vicente ; Grujić, Radoslav
Publisher: Consortium of TEMPUS JEP project Nr. 16140-2001
City: Banja Luka
Year: 2005
Page range:: 221-231
ISBN: 99938-54-06-9
Keywords: food policy, legislative principles
We mainly consume conventionally produced food, which is not usually covered with control of its health safety. Today's trend is larger food production based on technology, which is usually on certain level of the health safety. It is an imperative to clearly define modern system of control in food production health safety, which should be further integrated in the systems of quality control (ISO, HACCP). This would bring to efficient reduction of risks for human healths. Democratic societies intend to make as obligation to all interested sides to respect certain principles like: - risk analysis and health safety (high standard of public health protection) - transparency and consumer information, - scientific advice - transparency and comprehensive integrated approach (from farm to table) Respecting these principles enables possibility for production of save-for-health food to be kept on high level.
Project / theme: 0113001
Original language: ENG
Category: Pregledni
Research fields:
Food processing technology

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