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Bibliographic record number: 537404


Authors: Petrinec, Branko; Franić, Zdenko; Ilijanić, Nikolina; Miko, Slobodan; Štrok, Marko; Smodiš, Borut
Title: Estimation of Sedimentation Rate in the Middle and South Adriatic Sea Using 137Cs
Source: Radiation protection dosimetry (0144-8420) 151 (2012), 1; 102-111
Paper type: article
Keywords: 137Cs; sedimentation rate; mineralogy; Adriatic Sea
137Cs activity concentrations were studied in the sediment profiles collected on five locations in the Middle and South Adriatic. In the sediment profiles collected from the South Adriatic Pit, the deepest part of the Adriatic Sea, were identified two 137Cs peaks. The peak in the deeper layer was attributed to the period of intensive atmospheric nuclear weapon tests (early 1960s), and the other to the Chernobyl nuclear accident (1986). Those peaks could be used to estimate sedimentation rates by relating them to the respective time periods. Grain size analysis showed no changes in vertical distribution through the depth of the sediment profile and these results indicate uniform sedimentation, as it is expected in deeper marine environments. It was not possible to identify respective peaks on more shallow locations due to disturbance of sea bed either by trawlers (locations Palagruža and Jabuka) or by river sediment (location Albania). Highest sedimentation rates have been found in location Albania (~4 mm/y) and location Jabuka (3.1 mm/y). For the location Palagruža sedimentation rate was estimated to be 1.8 mm/y, similar to the South Adriatic Pit where sedimentation rate has been estimated to be 1.8 ± 0.5 mm/y. Low sedimentation rates found for the Mid and South Adriatic Sea is consistent with previously reported results for the rest of Mediterranean.
Project / theme: 022-0222882-2335, 022-0222882-2823, 181-1953068-0363
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: Current Contents Connect (CCC)
Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXP) (sastavni dio Web of Science Core Collectiona)
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Physics,Public health and health care system
Full paper text: 537404.ESTIMATION_OF_SEDIMENTATION_RATE_IN_THE_MIDDLE_AND_SOUTH_ADRIATIC_SEA_USING_137Cs.pdf (tekst priložen 10. Ruj. 2012. u 11:23 sati)
Broj citata:
DOI: 10.1093/rpd/ncr449
URL cjelovitog rada:
Google Scholar: Estimation of Sedimentation Rate in the Middle and South Adriatic Sea Using 137Cs
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