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Bibliographic record number: 116189

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Authors: Bogdan, Tomislav; Fališevac, Dunja
Title: Zaboravljeni dubrovački pjesnik Andrija Pauli
( Andrija Pauli, a Forgotten Poet from Dubrovnik )
Book: Hrvatska književna baština
Editor/s: Fališevac, Dunja ; Lisac, Josip ; Novaković, Darko
Publisher: Ex Libris
City: Zagreb
Year: 2002
Page range:: 267-303
ISBN: 953-6310-11-2
Keywords: Andrija Pauli, književnost 18. stoljeća, klasicizam, satirična lirika
( Andrija Pauli, 18th century literature, classicism, satirical lyrics )
Andrija Pauli (1697-1783) is a relatively unknown poet from Dubrovnik. Only a few poems have been preserved from his works. These, largely satirical in tone, treat various, often "low" topics, and are mostly written in a classicizing style confirming that poetry in 18th-century Dubrovnik was felt to be a pastime for the educated elite. This is the first publication of all the known literary texts by Pauli in one place. Some of them are published in full for the first time, such as Pauli's longest and most interesting poem "Mužika".
Project / theme: 0130453
Original language: HRV
Category: Znanstveni
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