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Autori: Knezović Zlatarić, Dubravka; Čelebić, Asja
Naslov: Mandibular bone mineral density changes dependent on the denture support. A six month follow up study
Izvornik: Acta Stomatologica Croatica (0001-7019) 36 (2002), 3; 319
Vrsta rada: kongresno priopćenje
Ključne riječi: mandibular bone mineral changes
Reduction in the height of alveolar edentulous ridge in denture wearers is a well documented problem which depends on various local and systemic factors. Changes of bone mineral density (BMD) in denture wearers have not yet been documented in follow up studies. The aim of this study was to determine the changes in BMD of the mandible in complete (CD) and removable free-end saddle denture wearers (RPD) during a six month period (both groups had complete dentures in the maxilla). Twenty RPD patients (5 males, 15 females) and 20 CD wearers (7 males, 13 females) participated. The BMD measurements were performed on digitised dental panoramic radiographs (DPR) with a 5 steps copper stepwedge attached to each film cassette. Grey levels of each step of the stepwedge were transformed to optical density values and using the 3rd degree polynomial the regression formula was calculated for each digitised image to express BMD values of the measured region of interest (ROI) in the copper stepwedge thickness equivalents. The results revealed that the BMD values of the examined ROIs under the distal end of CD decreased, and contrary, the matching BMD values under the distal end of RPD increased, in the six months period, although the changes did not reach statistically significant level (p>0, 05). The BMD values on gonion increased significantly in the both examined groups (p<0, 05), which was attributed to the increased load of the strain forces of the masseter muscle at gonion after the denture delivery. THIS STUDY WAS AWARDED AS THE BEST ORALLY PRESENTED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AT 26 th ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN PROSTHODONTIC ASSOCIATION, CAVTAT 26-28. 09. 2002, CROATIA
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Google Scholar: Mandibular bone mineral density changes dependent on the denture support. A six month follow up study