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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 189631


Autor: Pibernik, Jesenka
Naslov: A Dimension of Time : Adaptive Use of An Industrial Building
Vrsta: magistarski rad
Fakultet: School of Architecture
Sveučilište: The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Mjesto: Austin
Datum: 15.05.
Godina: 1992
Stranica: 102
Mentor: Moore, Charles W.
Neposredni voditelj: Bell, Wayne
Ključne riječi: Adaptive Use; Industrial; Building
Adaptive use is the process of converting a building to use other than that for which it was designed. When applied to an old building in order to save and extend its useful life, adaptive use is considered a curatioral intervention in the field of historical preservation, and as such plays an increasingly important role in the management of the build world. Majority of recent adaptive use projects reveal some unifying patterns that are confirming the apprporiatness of holistic theoretical analysis. For that reason, this theasis presents the process of adaptive re-use on an industrial building - a formar distilery - and attempts to unviel those elements of typology, topolgy and morphology which contribute to the adaptability and funcional flexibility of this particular building type.
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