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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 192639


Urednik/ci: Somasundaran, P. ; Marković, Berislav
Naslov: Concentrated Dispersions: Theory, Experiments, and Applications
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: American Chemical Society
Grad: Washington, DC, SAD
Godina: 2004
Serija: ACS Symposium Series
Stranica: 268
ISBN: 0-8412-3834-0
Ključne riječi: dispersions; particulates; suspensions; concentrated systems
Marked advances in experiment, theory, and technology have allowed the field of concentrated dispersion to progress significantly during recent years. A symposium "Concentrated Colloidal Dispersions: Theory, Experiment, and Applications" was conducted at the American Chemical Society meeting at Orlando, Florida in 2002 to review the current state of knowledge of this centrally important field in colloidal science and to explore new research directions. Theorists, experimentalists, and technologists were brought together to review progress in the areas of dense dispersion systems: modeling and many-body theoretical effects ; basic and applied rheology ; electrokinetic effects ; sensing and measuring the size, charge and forces ; structures in dense particulate systems ; synthesis of special emulsion droplets and nanoparticles ; conformation of polymers ; aggregation of particles ; dynamics of free and adsorbed polymer molecules in concentrated suspensions. Selected papers were reviewed by experts in the field and were refined as required before the presentations
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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