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Autori: Ivanković, Siniša; Hiršl, Nevenka; Jakopović, Ivan; Jurin, Mislav
Naslov: The Influence of Medicinal Mushrooms Preparation on Mouse Tumors
Izvornik: International journal of medicinal mushrooms (1521-9437) 6 (2004); 107-116
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: medicinal mushroom preparations; mouse tumor
Extracts from various medicinal mushrooms (Lentinus edodes, Grifola frondosa, and Coriolus (Trametes) versicolor), and particularly their proper blends, are of significant interest in selecting the best of them for treatment, or even prevention, of different pathological aberrations, including cancer. In this study, mushroom preparation effects on the proliferation of tumors and normal cells, respectively, as well as the survival rate of the mice with transplanted tumors, were determined. The incorporation of radioactive 3H thymidine in tumor cells (mouse squamous cell carcinoma [SCCVII], fibrosarcoma [FsaR], and melanoma [B16F10]) was inhibited in the presence of particular mushroom preparations. The effect was dose dependent and was different for tumor cell cultures used. On the other hand, the incorporation of radioactive 3H thymidine in normal Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts (V79 cell) increased, and the effect was generally dose dependent. The application of mushroom preparation to the mice bearing either SCCVII or FsaR tumor could influence their survival. On day 30 after SCCVII tumor cell transplantation, there was a 20% survival rate of mice in the control group, but 60-80% survived if particular mushroom extracts were applied. There were no survivors in the control group on the 36th day, but 40-60% were alive in the experimental groups. Furthermore, there was a 60% survival rate for mice with FsaR tumor when treated with mushroom preparations and a 20% survival rate in the control group on day 36 after tumor cell transplantation.Thus, the findings that the mushroom preparation tested induced a selective inhibition of tumor cell proliferation observed in vitro and a pronounced prolongation of the survival rate of tumor-bearing mice are of particular interest. These findings, together with the data that these compounds are not toxic to the organism, deserve further attention.
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