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Autori: Pibernik, Jesenka; Brozović, Maja
Naslov: Workplace color design powers employees' safety and productivity
Izvornik: Sigurnost (0350-6886) 47 (2005), 2; 133-138
Vrsta rada: prethodno priopćenje
Ključne riječi: color; preference; productivity; workplace
The aim of this study is to investigate whether application of certain design schemes in architectural interior design is justified in terms of worker's safety, satisfaction, concentration and productivity. Color preference is one of the most intensively researched areas within the color field. The guest ion is whether certain colors were able to elicit certain emotional responses consistently and whether the color-emotion link was biological or learned. As researchers concluded, many factors influence color preference, but color does not inherently contain exciting or calming effects. Although certain colors are more strongly associated with a given mood or emotion, there are no evidence to suggest a one-to-one relationship between a given color and given emotion.
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