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Autori: Banić, Davor I.; Bjegović, Dubravka; Grandić, Davor
Naslov: Bond Characteristics of Corroding Reinforcement in Concrete Beams
Izvornik: Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Dundee: Application of Codes, Design and Regulations / Dhir, Ravindra K. ; Newlands, Moray D. ; Whyte, Andrew (ur.). - London : Thomas Telford Publishing , 2005. 203-210.
Skup: 6th International Congress "Global Construction: ultimate concrete opportunities"
Mjesto i datum: Dundee, Škotska, UK, 05-07.06.2005.
Ključne riječi: reinforcement; bond; corrosion; acceleration; deterioration; environment
The influence of corrosion on bonds between reinforcing steel and concrete is studied using a preliminary series of tests on thirty specimens. Beam specimens recommended by the RILEM/CEB FIP COMITEE are used. Two groups of reinforcing steel were used as the main reinforcement: 8 mm and 16 mm in diameter, type RA 400/500. Specimens are also reinforced with five stirrups, 6 mm in diameter. Specimens consists of two halves of reinforced concrete beam rotating around a hinge mechanism. Marine tidal and splash zones are simulated through alternate wetting and drying cycles of salt spray in a large environmental chamber. The corrosion process is accelerated with intensifying and shortening the drying cycles and by direct spray of 3.8 percent NaCl salt solution onto surface of specimens. This solution represents typical seawater in Adriatic Sea. The accelerated corrosion process includes one cycle of wetting and drying per day. The relative bond effectiveness of the embedded bars at different stages of corrosion will be determined from a measurement of the corrosion rate Icorr using the Linear Polarization technique. With known expressions, attack chloride penetration, x (mm) will be calculated. beams will be tested to induce bond failure and load free and slip will be ploted. Test data produced from this experiment will be used to determine the influence of corrosion on anchorage length.
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