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Autori: Zoričić, Sanja; Kristofić, Ines; Cvijanović, Olga; Bobinac, Dragica
Naslov: Age and gender related changes in bone histomorphometry in females and males
Izvornik: Calcified Tissue International / Civiteli, Roberto (ur.). - New York, SAD : Springer-Verlag New York Inc. , 2002. 277-277.
ISSN: 0171-967X
Skup: 29th European Symposium on Calcified Tissues
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 25.-29.05.2002.
Ključne riječi: vertebral bone histomorphometry; gender; age
The aim of this study was: 1. to determine age related differences in vertebral bone structure assessed by histomorphometry in normal adult female and male population ; 2. to evaluate gender related differences between tje same parameters that reflect bne architecture quality. The mineral for this study domprised human lumbar vertebral bodies (L3) from normal female (N=20) and male (N=20) cadavers aged from 50 to 80 years. Vertical, 7 mm in diameter, cylinders were drilled in each vertebral specimen using bone trephine. Undecalcified bone samples were embedded in MMA, cut in 7 microm thick serial sections and stained with toluidine blue method. Histomorphometric analysis was performed using semiautomatic image analyzer (Issa, VAMS, Zagreb) and the following static bone parameters were calculated: trabecular bone volume (BV/TV), bone surface density (BS/TV), trabecular thickness (Tb.Th), number (Tb.N) and separation (Tb.S). Morphometric parameters were comparedd between different gender related groups using Student t test. The results of this study revealed severe alteration of the bone quality assessed by histomorphometrical parameters in both, female and male groups and in all age groups. Comparing to the normal values found in the literature, our findings showed 30 percent lower BT/TV in female and 25 percent lower BV/TV in male subjects. Comparing three correspondent age related groups between female and male, BV/TV, BS/TV, TbTh, TbN were significantly lower in females up to age 70. These differences were not present after that age and values of the bone histomorphometry became approximately equal in 70 to 80 years age group of both female and male subjects. Even though subjects investigated in this study were with no apparent bone and systemic disease, histomorphometrical study revealed severely altered bone structure, especially in female group.
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