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Autori: Vučićević Boras, Vanja; Lodi, Giovanni
Naslov: Pharmacotherapy complicating oral surgery
Izvornik: Oral Diseases (1354-523x) 12 (2006), 1; 3
Vrsta rada: pregledni rad
Ključne riječi: pharmacotherapy; dentistry
Planning dental treatments for patients taking antithrombotic can be difficult for the general dental practitioner, particularly when surgical interventions are needed. The drugs employed in the long-term treatment of such patients include platelet aggregation inhibitors and oral anticoagulants. Platelet aggregation inhibitors do not represent a contraindication to oral surgery. The activity of oral anticoagulants can be affected by many substances, for this reason it is necessary to monitor by INR the patients taking those drugs. When INR is within therapeutic limits for the more common conditions, most of the oral surgery interventions do not need any special precaution. Evidence indicates that suspending antithrombotic drugs is not indicate, as complications following a thrombotic accident are more frequent and serious than bleedings following oral surgery. It is well known that systemic corticosteroid therapy due to the effect on adrenal suppression can interfere with dental surgical procedures. However, that is largely dependent on the type and dose of corticosteroid that patient is currently taking, or has been taking in the last 12 months and on the type and extent of surgical procedure which is to be performed. Surgical management of dental patients with history of systemic corticosteroid therapy is proposed from the existing literature.
Projekt / tema: 0065008
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Dentalna medicina
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Google Scholar: Pharmacotherapy complicating oral surgery

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