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Autori: Marjanac, Tihomir; Marjanac, Ljerka & Tomša, Ana Marija
Naslov: How to increase public awareness of geoheritage? A dozen ways to reach the audience, a Croatian case story.
Izvornik: Geological heritage in the south-eastern Europe (eds. Hlad B. & Herlec U.) 12th Reg. Conf. on Geoconservation and ProGEO Working Group 1 Annual Meeting, Ljubljana 5-9 September 2007, Book of Abstracts / Hlad Branka & Herlec Uroš (ur.). - Ljubljana :
Skup: Geological heritage in the south-eastern Europe, 12th Regional Conference on Geoconservation and ProGEO Working Group 1 Annual Meeting
Mjesto i datum: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 5.-9. rujan 2007.
Ključne riječi: geološka baština; zaštita; mediji;
The primary goal in geoheritage protection is certainly the increase of public awareness of its uniqueness, scientific and educational value, and vulnerability. The physical and legal protection of the geoheritage has little benefit to the community without its permanent recognition and evaluation. The outreach programmes are important in bridging the gap between geoscientists and the community, as is the life-long education of the latter. There are various ways to increase public awareness of the geoheritage, 12 of which are being successfully implemented in Croatia. The ProGEO-Croatia focussed its activities to education and popularization of geology as a prerequisite of the efficient protection of the geoheritage. The Croatian National TV Channel 2 daily broadcasts morning educational program which is synchronized with the schedule of teaching topics in primary schools, and is commonly accepted as a supplemental teaching tool. Our role in this program is to provide explanation of geological processes and phenomena to the viewers nationwide. The Croatian National Radio Channel 2 broadcasts weekly evening live show “ Andromeda” which covers all topics related to the Universe, Solar System, planets, and the Earth. The show is re-broadcasted also by the Radio Split, and has great response from listeners all over the country and abroad. We contribute to the show with comments and explanations on recent discoveries and controversies, by providing explanations of the Earth system and its change. Occasionally comments on broad geological issues are being included in broadcasts of the local and regional radio stations like the Radio101 and the Open Radio of Zagreb, the Radio Rijeka, the Radio Zadar, and the Radio Split. Our members are also contributors of several popular science magazines, such as the Meridijani, the Drvo znanja and the Priroda, which have nationwide distribution. The common topics are geological processes, features, and recent geo-events, and the audience ranges from school children to their grandparents. The articles on the Croatian geoheritage in foreign languages, written by geoscientists are standard contents of several travel magazines ; the Eurocity (issued by the Croatian Railroad) and the Zagreb Airport Magazine, which are targeted to international and domestic readership. Our important activity are astronomy and geology workshops for primary school children during the week of the School in the Nature, when 10 y. old pupils learn about the Earth’ s place in the Universe, its composition and geological processes, and importance of preservation of the geological heritage. During the geo-workshop each pupil makes himself a gypsum replica of a “ fossil” shell. So far, more than 10.000 pupils and their teachers attended our workshops! Occasionally, the ProGEO Croatia visits schools to organize geo-workshops for children of various ages, which provide intensive interaction, discussions and demonstrations. The Science Festival is a week of science promotion activities, organized simultaneously in several major cities, and in Zagreb it attracts ca. 7000 visitors each year. The ProGEO-Croatia is one of its co-organizers, providing public lectures and organizing the geo-workshops. The topics vary from one year to another, but the key issue of the geoheritage preservation is always present. Our members also present public lectures at the Month of Astronautics, a manifestation which is organized each year in another city, thus reaching new audience in small communities. The Croatian National and Natural Parks organize various educational activities for their visitors, and some have set up their geo-trails. There are several NGO’ s in Croatia which organize geological education and outreach activities ; the ProGEO Croatia, the Lijepa Naša and the Croatian Geological Society. Several Croatian museums are also very active in their outreach programmes ; the Natural History Museum in Zagreb, the Technical Museum in Zagreb, the Natural Museum in Rijeka, the Neanderthal Site Museum in Krapina, and the Museum of Brodsko Posavlje in Slavonski Brod. The ProGEO Croatia also published educational posters (see below) with the aim to rise the public interest in geological features, with a short explanation note. The posters are distributed for free to attendees of our workshops and exhibitions. Through all activities quoted, we learned that we need to educate our membership in science communication skills, creative popularization writing, and live animation of the show/exhibition visitors, workshop attendees, pupils, their parents and teachers. The ProGEO Croatia organizes annual workshop/seminar for volunteers-animators when they learn basics of the communication of science, and practice the experiments to be performed with geo-workshop attendees. After completion of the workshop the fresh geo-animators are included in our mentoring programme with senior animators. We believe the described activities significantly contribute in rising awareness of the need for protection of the geological heritage, and that continued educational and promotional activity provides better long-term effects and eventually contributes to its efficient protection.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Tihomir Marjanac (, 11. Pro. 2007. u 23:09 sati

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