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Autori: Mijatović, Ivan; Opačić, Milica; Šušteršić, Mirko; Radić, Marijan; Matošić, Marin; Brebić, Slavko; Bertol, Tatjana
Izvornik: ProceedingsKrakow, Poljska :
Skup: IV International Conference „ Water supply and water quality”
Mjesto i datum: Krakow, Poljska, 11.-13. 9. 2000
Ključne riječi: Water management
The meat processing industry “ Gavrilović” consumes approximately 2000 m3 water each day. The water is used for sterilization of canned meat and semi-durable products, thermal treatment of prod-ucts, cleaning, cooling etc. Only incoming water is measured, but water consumption for various processes is not being measured. The Ecolink and USAID help for clean production (CP) supported program “ Reduction of water consumption and of wastewater’ s” in meat processing industry “ Gavrilović” . In the first stage monitoring system was established and water consumption was meas-ured for each process with the determination of spent water characteristic. Training of the plant staff with regard to the necessity of water consumption was done. Network water loses are decreased to minimum. After one month water consumption was decreased on 1500 m3 per day. About 50% of consumed water are used in the product sterilization process and it ends up slightly polluted with fats and oils and other organic matter. Condensate on different locations is also being monitored. Nanofil-tration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) pilot plants were installed to re-cycle the water back to process. Thin film composite spiral wound membranes for NF and RO were used as well as NF multi channel ceramic membrane. The recovery of the membrane process and membrane rejection was measured during water recycling process. Treated water can be return back to the process and significant water saving should be achieved.
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