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Autori: Jurak, Igor; Schumacher, Uwe; Šimić, Hrvoje; Voigt, Sebastian; Brune, Wolfram
Naslov: Murine cytomegalovirus m38.5 protein inhibits Bax-mediated cell death
( Murine cytomegalovirus m38.5 protein inhibits Bax-mediated cell death )
Izvornik: Journal of virology (0022-538X) 82 (2008), 10; 4812-4822
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: m38.5; Bax-mediated cell death; MCMV; apoptosis
( m38.5; Bax-mediated cell death; MCMV; apoptosis )
Many viruses encode proteins that inhibit the induction of programmed cell death at the mitochondrial checkpoint. Murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) encodes the m38.5 protein, which localizes to mitochondria and protects human HeLa cells and fibroblasts from apoptosis triggered by proteasome inhibitors but not from Fas-induced apoptosis. However, the ability of this protein to suppress the apoptosis of murine cells and its role during MCMV infection have not been investigated previously. Here we show that m38.5 is expressed at early time points during MCMV infection. Cells infected with MCMVs lacking m38.5 showed increased sensitivity to cell death induced by staurosporine, MG132, or the viral infection itself compared to the sensitivity of cells infected with wild-type MCMV. This defect was eliminated when an m38.5 or Bcl-XL gene was inserted into the genome of a deletion mutant. Using fibroblasts deficient in the proapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins Bak and/or Bax, we further demonstrated that m38.5 protected from Bax- but not Bak-mediated apoptosis and interacted with Bax in infected cells. These results consolidate the role of m38.5 as a viral mitochondrion-localized inhibitor of apoptosis and its functional similarity to the human cytomegalovirus UL37x1 gene product. Although the m38.5 gene is not homologous to the UL37x1 gene at the sequence level, m38.5 is conserved among rodent cytomegaloviruses. Moreover, the fact that MCMV-infected cells are protected from both Bak- and Bax-mediated cell death suggests that MCMV possesses an additional, as-yet-unidentified mechanism to block Bak-mediated apoptosis.
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DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02570-07
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