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Autori: Vojković, Saša
Naslov: Yuen Woo Ping's Wing Chun
Vrsta knjige: monografija
Formalni urednik/ci: Ackbar Abbas i Wimal Dissanayake
Izdavač: Hong Kong University Press
Grad: Hong Kong
Godina: 2009
Stranica: 150
ISBN: 978-962-209-967-8
Ključne riječi: narrative representation; femininity; Gilles Deleuze; Felix Guattari; kung fu comedy
The book offers a detailed and well illustrated analysis of Yuen Woo Ping’ s kung fu comedy based on the legendary female character Wing Chun. It explores narrative representation of femininity as intertwined with the specificities of the martial arts genre, its history, traditions and cultural influences. This study of Yuen Woo Ping’ s Wing Chun offers a detailed and well illustrated analysis of a critically neglected film while also drawing attention to the rarely discussed role of Yuen Woo Ping (known to international audience primarily an action choreographer) as director. The book situates the analysis of a single film within a larger methodological debate: The book is sensitive to the specificities of particular kinds of studio-made HK genre cinema, with its stress on action over narrative and ‘ flat’ characterisation, and argues that such films resist dominant models of film theory. Focusing in particular on the more egalitarian gender imaginary in Daoist and Buddhist thought that governs the universe of Yuen Woo Ping’ s films, the analysis is guided by Deleuze and Guattari’ s concepts where the main emphasis is on the relation between) the narratological process of cinematic storytelling and the emergence of (female) subject positions in Wing Chun. The book provides not only new insight about the film but also alternative conceptual tools which are better suited to the ‘ non-common-sensical logic’ of Hong Kong action cinema.
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 16. Pro. 2008. u 21:53 sati

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