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Autori: Balen, Sanja; Vukelić-Damijani, Nada; Peršić, Viktor; Ružić, Alen; Miletić, Bojan; Samardžija, Marina; Domanović, Dragoslav; Mirat, Jure; Nakić, Dario; Soldo, Ivan; Včev, Aleksandar
Naslov: Anti-inflammatory Effects of Exercise Training in the Early Period after Myocardial Infarction
Izvornik: Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 32 (2008), 1; 285-291
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Early cardiac rehabilitation; cytokine; acute phase reactants
The aim of this investigation was to determine the effect of exercise training on the levels of plasma cytokines and acute phase reactants in the early post acute myocardial infarction (AMI) period. Sixty patients were enrolled into this three-week cardiac rehabilitation study. The mean time from AMI was 7.081.60 days, and the patient mean age was 6010 years. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of the two groups: the control group treated with standard measures, and the group with additional regular moderate-intensity exercise training. Physical activity was based on the ergospirometry test results. Apart from clinical follow-up and routine laboratory analysis we determined the levels of plasma cytokines: tumor necrosis factor (TNF-), soluble TNF- receptor 1(TNF-SR1), interleukin (IL)-8, IL-10, and acute phase reactants: high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and fibrinogen. The obtained results confirmed the hypothesis that the early post AMI period is an inflammatory state the intensity of which gradually decreases with standard treatment during the first month after AMI, while including patients into early exercise training improves their inflammatory profile by decreasing the level of acute phase reactant and TNF-SR1.
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