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Autori: Kozak, Dražan; Gubeljak, Nenad
Naslov: Theoretical Basis of Structural Integrity and Life
Knjiga: Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity Assessment Methods
Urednik/ci: Sedmak, Stojan
Izdavač: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade ; Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade ; Society for Structural Integrity and Life and Institute for Material Testing IMS, Belgrade
Grad: Belgrade
Godina: 2009
Serija: IFMASS monograpf series, No 10
Raspon stranica:: 107-124
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 346
ISBN: 978-86-82081-19-7
Ključne riječi: structural integrity, SINTAP, CDF, FAD
Fitness-for-service FITNET is an integral approach to the design, manufacturing and servicing of structures. This procedure is based on the fact that cracks can appear on any loaded structure. The crack may grow until critical crack size occurs due to structure failure. Until now, any action has been taken only when crack is detected. In this new approach, the assumed crack is treated as soon as possible after the first date of structure. The lifetime of a structure is determined as period of the crack propagation from the assumed size to the critical crack length-size on the structure. The assumed crack size is equated to the sensitivity of the equipment used for nondestructive inspection-NDI (e.g. ultrasonic, magnetic, X-ray methods, etc.). An extension of service life time is possible since the structure is inspected by NDI equipment during the service. An extension of service lifetime is possible not only when the crack remains undetected, but also when the crack is detected. On the basis of the proposed principles, it is possible to observe crack propagation during the safe usage of a structure until the end of its lifetime.
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This monograph contains the lectures presented at the Tenth International Fracture Mechanics Summer School held on mountain Zlatibor, Serbia, 23rd to 27th June 2008.