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Autori: Stoić, Antun; Lacković, Ivica; Kopač, Janez; Samardžić, Ivan; Kozak, Dražan
Naslov: An investigation of machining efficiency of internal roller burnishing
Izvornik: Journal of achievements in materials and manufacturing engineering (1734-8412) 40 (2010), 2; 188-194
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: manufacturing and processing; machining; roller burnishing; surface roughness; smoothing
Purpose of this paper is investigation of fine machining efficiency of 34CrMo4 steel with roller burnishing tools. Application of roller burnishing process as a clean and environmentally friendly machining process which can replace other pollution processes is of great interests. It is important to evaluate the influence of material properties (primary hardness) for smoothing efficiency and achieving of lower roughness and higher work piece hardness. Methodology: Experimental tests of cutting outputs have been done on specimens prepared for final machining process to estimate the rate of roughness decrease, and diameter increase. Roughness measured data before and after roller burnishing process have been compared. Findings: It was found that surface roughness is significantly lower after roller burnishing. Roughness ratio (before/after process) and decrease factor was 4 what doesn’t satisfy expected results. Some roughness results after burnishing exceed upper limits. Research implications: Results and findings presented in this paper are qualitative and might be slightly different in other machining condition (e.g. higher hardness materials and higher roughness of row material). Practical implications: Smoothing process can be performed on standard machine tools without additional reconfiguration tasks. Process is very rapid. Process is very versatile for any workshop and can be conducted without coolant what is additional advantages for the environment and pollution free machining. Originality: Originality of the paper is in analysis of results and smoothing efficiency with Wilcoxon test.
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