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Autori: Đudarić, Luka; Zoričić Cvek, Sanja; Cvijanović, Olga; Šantić, Veljko; Šestan, Branko
Naslov: BMPS and BMPS antagonists' expression in normal and osteoarthritic synovial membrane
Izvornik: 3rd Joint Meeting of the European Calcified Tissue Society & the International Bone and Mineral Society : abstracts ; u: Bone 48 (2011) (S2) / Roland Baron, Masaki Noda, Rene Rizzoli (ur.). - Amsterdam : Elsevier Inc. , 2011. 263-264.
ISSN: 8756-3282
Skup: Joint Meeting of the European Calcified Tissue Society & the International Bone and Mineral Society (3 ; 2011)
Mjesto i datum: Atena, Grčka, 07.-11.05.2011.
Ključne riječi: noggin ; chordin ; follistatin ; gremlin ; bone morphogenetic proteins ; synovial membrane ; osteophyte
The aim of this study is to explore the expression of the BMP−2, −4 and −7 and their extracellular antagonists (noggin, chordin, follistatin and gremlin) in synovial membrane tissue during osteoarthritic processes of the knee joint in humans. The purpose of this investigation is to find the possible role of the BMPs antagonists in osteophytic outgrowth regulation. Since osteophytic growth is characteristic for the degenerative joint disease, we hypotheses that synovial membrane is the site of the molecular factors production which are proved to be stimulative for osteophytic growth. The study was performed on series of 14 synovial tissue samples collected during knee joint surgery of the individuals undergoing total joint replacement. As a control samples we used synovial tissue from the autopsy cases, without any degenerative or inflamatory changes in knee joint tissue. The tissue samples were embedded in parafin, cut on 5 micrometers thin slices and immunostained with specific antibodies against defined BMPs and BMPs antagonists. BMP−2 and−4 were not detected by immunohistochemistry in OA synovial tissue. This finding was additionally proved by postive (positively stained subependimal cells in mouse brain) and negative control (negatively stained synovial cells in immunoprotocol without primary antibodies). BMP−7 was strongly expressed in the lining layer cells (intracytoplasmatic brown staining). Noggin and chordin were expressed in both layers of the synovial epithelium and also in the stromal fibroblasts and extracellular matrix. Noggin expression was found in higher percentage of the cells when compared to chordin. Gremlin was expressed in the lining layer of the synovial epithelium and also inside the blood vessels. Imunostaining for gremlin was detected as a membranous staining. Distribution of the follistatin was not equally expressed in all the samples. But it was regularly positive in the wall of the blood vessels. The BMPs were differentially expressed in synovial tissue from normal and OA knee joint. In OA synovial membrane BMP−2 and −4 were negative in contrast to BMP−7 which is strongly expressed in the lining layer cells. BMP antagonists were also differentially expressed in OA synovial tissue: gremlin and noggin were predominantly expressed in the lining layer in contrast to follistatin and chordin which were predominantly expressed in perivascular synovial tissue fibroblasts.
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