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Urednik/ci: Brala-Vukanović, Marija ; Gruić-Grmuša, Lovorka
Naslov: Space and Time in Language and Literature
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Grad: Newcastle upon Tyne
Godina: 2009
Stranica: 158
ISBN: 1-4438-0567-4
Ključne riječi: space; time; language; literature
Space and time, their infiniteness and/or their limit(ation)s, have been intriguing people for millennia. Issues relative to the character of space and time have indeed been central to philosophy from its inception. Various aspects relative to space and time are nowadays at the core of many scholarly disciplines. Linguistics and literature are no exceptions in this sense. This book brings together eight essays which all deal with the expression of space and/or time in language and/or literature. The first section—Time and Space in Language—contains four papers which focus on linguistics i.e. explore issues relative to the expression of time and space in natural languages. Three articles explore the expression of space from various perspectives. The topics under consideration include: typology regarding the expression of spatial information in languages around the world (Ch.1), space as expressed and conceptualized in neutral, postural verbs and verbs of fictive motion (Ch. 2), and prepositional semantics (space as a force dynamics rather than a geometrical i.e. topological concept—Ch.3). Chapter 4 explores the issue of aspectuality (in Tamil), drawing a comprehensive picture of which aspectual and tense markers interact with different verb types. All the articles propose innovative topics and/or approaches, crossreferring when possible between space and time. The second section of this volume — Space and Time in Literature — brings together four essays dealing with literary topics. These papers aim at demonstrating that space and time capture the imagination like no other scientific subject. Inherent in each narrative are both temporal and spatial implications ; if a literary text is situated in a certain time, it is from and about a certain period, as well as about a certain space, even if virtual.
Projekt / tema: 009-0000000-2661
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstvena
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