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Autor: Slavuj, Vanja
Naslov: Aspectuality in English and Croatian. Implications for the linguistic relativity hypothesis.
Vrsta: završni rad - diplomski/integralni studij
Fakultet: Filozofski fakultet
Sveučilište: Sveučilište u Rijeci
Mjesto: Rijeka
Datum: lipanj
Godina: 2011
Stranica: 62
Mentor: Brala, Marija
Ključne riječi: linguistic relativity; aspectuality
This M.A. thesis addresses the linguistic relativity hypothesis and issues surrounding it. It examines possible effects of the linguistic relativity hypothesis on the category of aspect and takes as its starting point the differences in aspectual designation between English and Croatian. The opening chapter deals with the language - thought relationship and tries to make sense of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in its milder version. It further gives an overview of the most recent work within the field and explains some common terms that appear in every linguistic relativity formulation. Chapter two is devoted to the categories of aspect in English and Croatian. It deals with how aspect is expressed in each language and with possible interpretations of the aspectual systems in the two languages. This chapter also includes a brief overview of aspectual systems in other Slavic languages. The final part of the thesis presents an original piece of research on linguistic relativity with regards to aspectuality, including the results it yielded and discussion of the findings.
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