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Autori: Domazet, Mladen
Naslov: Comparative findings: ESD content in national curricula of 9 Eurasian countries
Skup: 56th Annual Conference of the CIES
Mjesto i datum: San Juan, Puerto Rico, 22-27.04.2012
Ključne riječi: education for sustainable development; comparative research; qualitative research; compulsory education; curriculum
This presentation aims to unpack and map the coverage of the ESD content in 9 Eurasian pre-secondary schooling curricula, to outline the general framing of the more complex ESD skills and values and indicate the main commonalities and differences of inclusion and dispersion of ESD-relevant curricular content across the 9 compulsory educational systems. The respective 9 Eurasian states are at different stages of economic, state-building and human development (HDI). The findings come from the comparative analysis of the state-specific research findings resulting from a commonly developed and implemented methodology. It speaks from an international perspective motivated by the pressures for sustainable development and common threats to wellbeing of global population. The significance of findings that 'gender equality', 'rural development and urbanisation', 'economy and modes of production’ and 'management of change and uncertainty’ are relatively underrepresented topics in most states will be discussed. We will also show and offer for discussion the balance of 3 conceptual segments (environment, economy, society) of sustainable development, and the action-framing of the curricular content with regards to individual responsibility for social and material change in interaction with the physical environment.
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