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Autori: Grubešić, Marijan; Margaletić, Josip; Tomljanović, Kristijan; Vucelja, Marko; Bjedov, Linda
Naslov: Analysis of beaver losses in Croatia
( Analysis of beaver losses in Croatia )
Izvornik: Book of abstracts / Bjedov, Linda ; Schwab, Gerhard ; Grubešić, Marijan (ur.). - Zagreb : Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb , 2012. 103-103 (ISBN: 978-953-292-027-7).
Skup: 6th International Beaver Symposium
Mjesto i datum: Ivanić-Grad, Hrvatska, 17-20.09.2012.
Ključne riječi: beaver losses; anthropogenic; mortality; prevention
( beaver losses; anthropogenic; mortality; prevention )
Losses of individuals from a population that lives free in natural habitats are a common thing. Number of registered mortalities is also increasing, proportionally to the increase in population numbers and spatial spread. Tracking and recording losses was constituent part of beaver monitoring in Croatia through past 15 years. In the first 10 years losses were insignificant and numbered from 1 to 4 cases in a year. After first 10 years with population increase the number of beaver losses rapidly increased to 17 recorded cases in 2008. According to conducted analysis most beaver losses have happened to anthropogenic influences, where traffic is dominant (running down beavers in the roads) with 33% participation in total losses, followed by other causes (deaths from unknown causes, poisoning, predators, dogs) with 30% and consequences of illegal net fishing as well as illegal hunting with 25% participation. It is significant to say that on construction sites within the ecosystem 5 beavers were killed from working machines as well as in objects in which they fell into and stayed trapped (concrete buildings, pools, etc). Knowing the causes of beaver deaths demands certain measures of protection. Therefore in the past period certain steps were taken with the goal of preventing beaver losses: -setting up wire meshes to prevent beavers from entering roads -increased fishing control with standing meshes -setting up exit ramps on buildings in which beavers can fall into and can’t manage to get out (mills, weirs, etc.)
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Projekt / tema: 068-0532400-0712
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