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Autori: Tomić, Draško; Ogrizović, Dario; Car, Zlatan
Naslov: Cloud Solutions for High Performance Computing: Oxymoron or Realm?
Izvornik: Tehnicki Vjesnik-Technical Gazette (1330-3651) 20 (2013), 1; 177-182
Vrsta rada: prethodno priopćenje
Ključne riječi: An overview of HPC Cloud solutions; First; second and third tier HPC Cloud solutions; HPC Cloud future trends and needs
In the last years a strong interest of the HPC (High Performance Computing) community raised towards cloud computing. There are many apparent benefits of doing HPC in a cloud, the most important of them being better utilization of computational resources, efficient charge back of used resources and applications, on-demand and dynamic reallocation of computational resources between users and HPC applications, and automatic bursting of additional resources when needed. Surprisingly, the amount of HPC cloud solutions related to standard solutions is still negligible. Some of the reasons for the current situation are evident, some not so. For example, traditional HPC vendors are still trying to exploit their current investment as much as possible, thus favoring traditional way of doing HPC. The next, although virtualization techniques are developing in ever increasing rate, there are still open questions, like scaling of HPC applications in virtual environment, collaboration between physical and virtual resources, and support of the standard HPC tools for virtualized environments. At last but not the least, the advent of GPU computing has raised difficult questions even in the traditional and well developed HPC segment, like scalability, development of HPC GPU based applications. In addition, because many HPC vendors are speaking about already having a fully functional HPC cloud solution, there is a need to provide answers on the following questions: Are they fulfilling virtualization promises, both physical and virtual? Which type of clouds do they support: private, public or both, i.e. hybrid clouds? How well HPC applications scale on their cloud solutions? This paper is an overview of the current HPC cloud solutions, for sure not complete and solely a view of authors, however intended to be a helpful compass for someone trying to shift from standard HPC to large computations in cloud environments.
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