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Autori: Sučić, Goran.
Naslov: Novi mediji i pojave u obrazovnom sustavu
( New media and experience in educational system )
Izvornik: Informacione tehnologije i razvoj obrazovanja Intro 2013 / Milan Pavlović (ur.). - Zrenjanin : Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Tehnički fakultet, Zrenjanin , 2013. 444-450 (ISBN: 978-86-7672-203-7).
Skup: Međunarodna konferencija "Informacione tehnologije i razvoj obrazovanja" Intro 2013
Mjesto i datum: Zrenjanin, Srbija, 28. 6. 2013
Ključne riječi: media; dijete; obrazovanje; informacija; tehnologije
( medij; child; education; information; tehnology )
Abstract - The time in which we live recommends changes in many aspects, and their rhythm is irreplaceable and constantly accelerating. Therefore, it is necessary to reorganize gradually the education system. Specifically, the information is more every day, which does not mean that the level of education and training increased, so one has to make choice of educational resources. To help organize learning both formal and informal it is necessary to introduce new media in teaching educational process with even greater dynamics. All you need to know concerning the teaching and the media is making sense of optimal use in teaching, and whether their function achieving the goals of teaching. For the first time media offer us a way to increase the interest of students, and it is actually a transformation of an interesting, visual and content close of life, and well aware of that teachers should be more trained to involve the media in the educational process. The analysis of new research projects in the field of instructional media applications come to the conclusion that the media have neither positive nor negative traits, and their effectiveness in teaching and learning can be explained as a result of many factors. The increasing use of media in educational - educational process itself modernizes teaching, and thus actually changing roles of both teachers and students - the student.
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