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Autori: Sviličić, Nikša; Vidačković, Zlatko
Naslov: Film and Television in Croatia Today : Production, New Technologies and the Relationship with Visual Anthropology
Izvornik: Collegium antropologicum (0350-6134) 37 (2013), 1; 251-261
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: television; film; visual anthropology; reactive process; proactive process; author’s approach; distributive-technological process
This paper seeks to explain some of the most important recent production and technological changes that have affected the relationship between television and film, especially in Croatia, from the aspect of the development of visual anthropology. In the production segment, special attention was given to the role of Croatian television stations in the production of movies, »splitting« the movies into mini-series, interrupting movies with commercial breaks, and to television movies turned into feature films. This paper tries to perceive and define the structure of methodical processes of visual anthropology (reactive process). The development of photographic and film technology and the events which led to the rapid development of visual culture also point to the inseparable duality of observing visual anthropology within reactive and proactive processes, which are indirectly closely related to the technical aspects of these processes. Defining the technical aspect of visual anthropology as such »service« necessarily interferes with the author’s approach in the domain of the script and direction related procedures during pre- production, on the field and during post- production of the movie. The author’s approach is important because in dependence on it, the desired spectrum of information »output«, susceptible to subsequent scientific analysis, is achieved. Lastly, another important segment is the »distributive- technological process« because, regardless of the approach to the anthropologically relevant phenomenon which is being dealt with in an audio- visual piece of work, it is essential that the work be presented and viewed adequately.
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Google Scholar: Film and Television in Croatia Today : Production, New Technologies and the Relationship with Visual Anthropology
Upisao u CROSBI: Zlatko Vidačković (, 30. Kol. 2013. u 23:19 sati

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