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Autori: Čalić, Bruno; Fafandjel, Nikša; Mrakovčić, Tomislav
Naslov: New space joint types usage for ship superstructure outfit and equipment
( New space joint types usage for ship superstructure outfit and equipment )
Izvornik: International Maritime Association of Mediterranean, IX CONGRESS IMAM 2000, 2-6 April 2000, Ischia (Italy, Proceedings, Vol. III / Cassella, Passquale ; Scamardella, Antonio ; Festinese, Giuseppe (ur.). - Napoli, Italy : Dip. Ing. Navale; Universita di Napoli, Inst. Univers. Navale , 2000. 123-130.
Skup: International Maritime Association of Mediterranean, IX Congress IMAM 2000, 2-6 April 2000, Ischia (Italy)
Mjesto i datum: Iskija, Italija, 02-06.04.2000.
Ključne riječi: Space Joint; Grid Structures; Ship Superstructures; Outfit; Equipment
( Space Joint; Grid Structures; Ship Superstructures; Outfit; Equipment )
The main objective of this article is to present theoretical and practical results and possibilities of different space joint types implementation in superstructures outfit and equipment. After introducing of new space joint types in light conventional grid structures, the authors are suggesting their implementation in various shipbuilding areas, and in particular within superstructure outfit and equipment. Space joint is a new constructional element for synchronous fastening of crossover rods in and/or on space joint body. At the same time the space joint represents a fastening node within grid structure. New grid structures solutions are based on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Patent Application No. PCT/GB97/00944, with International Publication Number W 97 / 38229 and some additional research results in this field. Some of present research activities supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia (Scientific project name: Marine structures and equipment in coastal zone and subsea) have also been presented. The main new grid structures building concept is characterised with structure lightness, simple assembly and adjusting procedures, "maintenance free" structures, ecology friendly structures, accommodation system modules with simplified on board erection possibilities, and multiple usage configurations. Analysing various present construction solutions in ship superstructures, masts, communication facilities, furniture, gangways, telescopic roofs, etc. the authors pointed out concrete proposals for new solutions regarding implementation of mentioned space joint types. Advantages with argumentation for particular topics were described and presented. Developed computer model for one space joint type was described. Computer modelling was performed on basis of finite element method. Special attentions were pointed out regarding contact pressures, deformations, as well as stresses. Up to date testing was mainly realised concerning small-reinforced polyamide type of space joint body and fastening bodies. Preparations for testing procedures of different types from various materials and dimensions have been discussed, too. Special consideration was given to compare theoretical and experimental results concerning forces, deformations, strengths, and contact problems, based on some scientific research results achieved at Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka. In addition, different aspects of ecology, maintenance, mounting and dismounting procedures, safety, replacement, etc. have been discussed. On basis of mentioned theoretical, experimental and some exploitation results authors proposed usage of different space joint types for implementation in shipbuilding. Authors are also suggesting further research regarding implementation of new predicted space joint types to different fields in shipbuilding and marine structures.
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