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Autori: Hloch, Sergej; Foldyna, Josef; Monka, Peter; Kozak, Dražan & Magurová, Dagmar
Naslov: Advances in (Un)Conventional Engineering of Biomaterials and Related Nursing Care
Knjiga: Industrial Engineering – Challenges for the Future
Urednik/ci: Zelenovic, D. & Katalinic, B.
Izdavač: Faculty of Technical Sciences, DAAAM International and Fraunhofer IAO
Grad: Novi Sad, Vienna, Stuttgart
Godina: 2013
Raspon stranica:: 331-348
ISBN: 978-3-902734-00-6
Ključne riječi: biomaterial, cutting, orthopaedy, femoral channel, bone, bone cement
The paper defines the current state of the art in the sphere of utilization of conventional and unconventional techniques of cutting and machining of the bone tissue in orthopaedic surgery and related issues. Paper refers to the possibilities of the water jet technology utilization during (re)implantations of total endoprostheses of large joints aimed at minimizing the bone losses and thermo-mechanical damage to the bone tissue. Outlined are main problems and potential improvement by application of progressive water jet technique. Paper summarizes up-to-date research of the team. Reason of the research is to develop the surgical technique, without heat and mechanical damage of large joints, with minimal traumatizing effects on the patient and a maximum yield for the society.
Projekt / tema: 152-1201910-1909
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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