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Autori: Klobučar, Goran Igor Vinko; Hudina, Sandra; Lucić, Andreja; Štambuk, Anamaria; Lajtner, Jasna; Orešković, Josip; Bodlović, Milan; Lončar, Denis; Maguire, Ivana
Naslov: Aquaculture of juvenile Astacus astacus in a greenhouse
Izvornik: CrayCro - Regional European crayfish Meeting - Book of abstracts / Maguire et al. (ur.). - Zagreb : Hrvatsko biološko društvo , 2013. 45-45.
Skup: CrayCro - Regional European Crayfish Meeting
Mjesto i datum: Rovinj, Hrvatska, 26-29.9.2013.
Ključne riječi: restocking; conservation; aquaculture; noble crayfish
Our recent research revealed more than 36% decline in the number of Croatian populations of noble crayfish when compared to historical data. Such alarming negative trend requires immediate conservation activities where restocking and stocking of the available freshwater ecosystems with noble crayfish from remaining populations is an important part. For this a functional culture of freshwater crayfish is needed which has never before been successfully implemented in Croatia. Therefore, in 2012 we have started noble crayfish culture in Croatian Centre for Indigenous Species of Fish and Crayfish in Karstic Waters, Otočac. In 2013 we introduced greenhouse technique in the culture of noble crayfish yearlings in order to obtain their faster growth by elevating the water temperature in a cost-efficient way. The study is performed in eight tanks (2.4 m² x 0.5 m) with 1200 artificially incubated yearlings stocked at two densities (84/m2 and 42/m2) and fed different diet (vegetable and meat) three times a week. It is expected that the obtained results will provide optimal environmental factors for faster growth of crayfish intended for restocking/stocking purposes. Reaching larger size in the first two years of their lives will improve chances for survival of young crayfish when introduced into the natural freshwaters. So far, statistically significant increase in length and weight of juvenile noble crayfish has been observed in yearlings kept in greenhouse.
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