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Autori: Tomljanović, Kristijan; Grubešić, Marijan
Naslov: Wild boar population dynamics in Croatia
( Wild boar population dynamics in Croatia )
Izvornik: 10th International Symposyum on Wild Boar and Other Suids / Poličnik, Helena (ur.). - Ljubljana :
Skup: 10th International Symposyum on Wild Boar and Other Suids
Mjesto i datum: Velenje, Slovenija, 01.-05.09.2014
Ključne riječi: wild boar; hunting management; population dynamics
( wild boar; hunting management; population dynamics )
Wild boar is one of eight big game species that is being managed based on Hunting Act on the territory of Republic of Croatia. Alongside dear, wild boar represents the main point of cull. Population development on the territory of Republic of Croatia flew similar to that in the remaining part of north and middle Europe, meaning that in the last ten years the population is expanding. In the last hunting year 2013/2014 based on Central hunting records a mother fund of 25 274 animals was recorded and the cull of 21 413 animals. It is important to emphasize that in spring of 2013 significant deaths mainly of younglings occurred due to large floods and long-term and high snow in the last two years, and therefore the stated numbers are somewhat lower in comparison to 2012 when on the territory of RH maximal cull of almost 30 000 animals was recorded. If you take into consideration that in 1992/1993 cull of 3 500 animals was recorded it turns out that during those twenty years the population of wild boar in these territories grew 6 times. Alongside wide ecological valence the wild boar most certainly is facilitated by trends of neglect and overgrowing of agricultural surfaces, and succession towards pioneer forest vegetation. Those surfaces are becoming an excellent habitat for wild boars. In its expansion the wild boar is gradually settling onto Adriatic islands where they come into conflict from time to time with the interests of local population that is primarily focused on tourism. Although there is no official statistic of wild boar damage on state level, it can be concluded that the damage caused at numbers that enable cull of 30 000 animals are on borderline of justified management and possibly even bigger.
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Projekt / tema: 068-0532400-0712
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Upisao u CROSBI: Kristijan Tomljanović (, 16. Pro. 2014. u 12:41 sati

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