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Autori: Sučić, Goran; Požega, Željko; Crnković, Boris
Naslov: Impact Analysis of Economic Parameters on Social Development
( Impact Analysis of Economic Parameters on Social Development )
Izvornik: Intrerdisciplinary management research XI : proceedings / Jautz, Urlich ; Cini, Vladimir (ur.). - Osijek : Josip Juraj Strossmaye University og Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek Croatia , 2015. 274-284.
ISSN: 1847-0408
Skup: Intrerdisciplinary management research (11 ; 2015)
Mjesto i datum: Osijek, Hrvatska, 15.-17.05.2015
Ključne riječi: economic development ; human development ; countries in the world
( economic development ; human development ; countries in the world )
Countries in the world generally don't have clear policy or sufficiently understanding of investing importance in people and their potential. Today, human factor is of too little importance, although thr country that invest in people, raising their motivation, knowledge and teamwork, provide much higher rate of return and more equitable growth structure than is the case with investments in buildings, machinery and equipment. The process, therefore, in many countries of the world is going wrong and should be reversed, instead of current priority investments in tangible assets, much more should be invest in human resources, and less in physical capital, at the same time and without ignoring its importance. Research in this paper is conducted on a sample of 177 countries and 74 variables for each of the observed countries in the world that have available and collected data. Change in variable value was observed and analyzed in the time period 1975th – 2015th, projected values of the variables for 2015th, chi-square test and level of significance of observed variables. Hypothesis of this paper is: economic parameters that determine level of development of human capital have the highest level of significance to social development.
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