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Autori: Mohović, Robert; Barić, Mate; Mohović, Đani
Naslov: Influence of “Suezmax” Tankers Size Increase on Mooring Ropes at Existing Terminals
Knjiga: Safety of Marine Transport
Urednik/ci: Weintrit, Adam ; Neumann, Tomasz
Izdavač: Taylor & Francis CRC Press
Grad: Gdynia
Godina: 2015
Raspon stranica:: 161-165
ISBN: 978-1-138-02859-3
Ključne riječi: Suezmax tankers, mooring ropes, holding force
ABSTRACT: Growth in maritime traffic results in larger vessels and larger main traffic channels. Due the latter reasons and in comparison with the cargo terminals, angle of mooring rope is not the same as when cargo terminals were built. The aim of the proposed research is to see how the increment of the “Suezmax” tankers affects mooring rope angles in such a way that the safety of the vessel is reduced. In order to analyse the mooring rope angles it was necessary to determine the average size of the “Suezmax” tanker. When the average size was obtained, the level of safety at the berth was observed on tanker terminal which was built in 1980`s, when the size of “Suezmax” tankers was significantly different. The result showed that mooring ropes are reducing the safety of the vessel. Using OCIMF2 calculation for mooring rope strength it was possible to calculate holding force of the ropes for lateral and longitudinal straining. Reduction of safety is noticeable, but it does not endanger the cargo operations. However, conducted research led to the conclusion that constant increase of “Suezmax” tankers will affect the angles of mooring ropes and will represent safety issue in the future. Further research will consist of continuous monitoring of “Suezmax” tanker size and recognising the moment when the size will impede the safety at the berth.
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