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Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Vrbanić, Vilena
Naslov: Bagpipes in Modern Musical Practice in Croatia
Knjiga: Studia instrumentorum musicae popularis II (New Series)
Urednik/ci: Jähnichen, Gisa
Izdavač: Verlagshaus Monsenstein und Vannerdat OHG
Grad: Münster
Godina: 2011
Raspon stranica:: 297-306
ISBN: 978-3-86991-411-4
Ključne riječi: bagpipes, modern musical practice, Croatia, Stjepan Večković, traditional woodwind instruments, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia Lado, Center for Croatian traditional instruments, Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra, Croatian Bagpipe Festival
In Croatia, two basic types of single-reed, double-piped wind instruments are present: “diple” (or “mješnice”) and bagpipes (called “gajde” and “dude”). “Diple”, with bellows and without the drone pipe, were used in the southern parts of Croatia (Istra and Dalmatia) and their use was continuosly present until modern times. In the Panonian region (Slavonia nad Baranya), bagpipes, with a drone pipe, were used until the late 19th and early 20th century, when they began to fade away from musical practice, being replaced by other instruments (primarly “tamburica” or various instrumental ensembles). Beside the fact that bagpipes have accomplished their role in folk music life, this situation was also a consequence of various social and political factors. Although they have almost completely vanished, bagpipes have confirmed themselves as an instrument with s special ability of recovering. The revival movement of the Panonian bagpipes in Croatia began from 1990s, but the full blossom was experienced during 2000s. At the present Croatian bagpipe-scene especially noteworthy are activities of Stjepan Večković, player and maker of the traditional woodwind instruments in the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia “Lado”. Thanks to the numerous bagpipe-seminars and workshops he is frequently holding, bagpipe-playing is becoming more wide-spred, and there are now many good amateur bagpipe-players. From 2007, Večković is the operator of the Center for Croatian traditional instruments, Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra and Croatian Bagpipe Festival. Thanks to him, bagpipes are increasingly present in the contemporary musical practice in Croatia and they are present in various musical genres, such as ethno, jazz, pop and rock. In this text, the contemporary musical practice of Panonian bagpipes is discussed, as well as musicians who play them, their repertoire and occasions where they play (folk festivals, concerts, television broadcasts).
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
Upisao u CROSBI: Vilena Vrbanić (, 17. Vel. 2016. u 12:09 sati

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