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Autori: Tatalović Vorkapić, Sanja; Katić, Vesna
Naslov: Performance-Based Assessment Evaluated by Croatian Preschool Teachers and Students: Implications for Study Program and Practice Modifications
Knjiga: Evaluating Teacher Education Programs through Performance-Based Assessments
Urednik/ci: Drew, Polly
Izdavač: IGI-Global
Grad: USA
Godina: 2016
Serija: A volume in the Advances in Higher Education and Professional Development (AHEPD) Book Series
Raspon stranica:: 337-375
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 436
ISBN: 9781466699298
Ključne riječi: PBA, documentation, preschool teachers, students
Performance-based assessment strongly relies on the observation of children’s behavior, preschool teachers’ objectivity and accuracy, and presents a significant part of documenting children’s development. Therefore, the main aim of this chapter is to analyze the PBA-use and its evaluation by Croatian preschool teachers and students from the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Rijeka. 60 undergraduate students and 64 preschool teachers participated in this empirical research by filling out self-rated questionnaires. As it was expected, students and preschool teachers demonstrated positive attitudes toward PBA and its documentation in general and if it is applied (will be applied) in practice. However, the students’ positive attitudes, satisfaction and perceived usefulness of PBA are significantly higher than those of preschool teachers are. These last findings definitely imply the need for modifications of the policy of the preschool education system, as asll as significant changes that should be done in practice and relevant study programs.
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