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Autori: Krešić, Greta
Naslov: Postpartum weight retention as a risk factor for the development of midlife obesity
Izvornik: Euro Weight Loss Global Summit & Medicare ExpoFrankfurt, Germany : Omics International , 2015. .
Skup: Euro Weight Loss Global Summit & Medicare Expo
Mjesto i datum: Frankfurt, 18.-20.08.2015, 18.-20.08.2015
Ključne riječi: weight retention; lactation; postpartum
The childbearing years are an important life stage for women that may result in substantial weight gain leading to the development of obesity. In the light of early prevention of obesity, special concern should be taken in counselling women in the period after parturition since they are a very vulnerable population, considering the changes in metabolism and in lifestyle which have occurred. Weight gain before, during and after pregnancy not only affects the pregnancy but may also be a primary contributor to the future development of obesity in women during midlife and beyond. Women are often told that breastfeeding will help them lose weight, but they may have concerns about diet and substantial weight loss and its effect either on their breast milk quality or supply or on the growth of their babies. Evidence is limited and conflicting about whether women who breastfeed their infant lose more weight than women who do not breastfeed. From an evolutionary point of view, it appears reasonable to assume that the adipose tissue deposition during pregnancy would serve during breast- feeding as a nutritional reserve to ensure an adequate energy supply for the newborn. Weight change during postpartum and its major determinants such as pre-pregnancy BMI, gestational weight gain and diet will be discussed as a risk factor for obesity development.
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