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Autori: Ergić, Todor; Ivandić, Željko; Kozak, Dražan
Naslov: The Significance of Contact Pressure Distribution on the Soft Tissue by Men Sitting
Izvornik: Proceedings of 7th International Design Conference (DESIGN 2002) / Marjanović, Dorian (ur.). - Zagreb ; Glasgow : FAMENA ; The Design Society , 2002. 743-748.
Skup: International Design Conference (7 ; 2002)
Mjesto i datum: Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 09.2002.
Ključne riječi: chair; body; contact; pressure distribution; experiment
A lot of investigations today are devoted to make the people life better from the ergonomic point of view. Here the magnitude and distribution of pressure by men sitting is very often the topic of biomechanical research [1-3]. This paper analyses contact pressures between body and chair during sitting using experimental set-up. To this purpose the original wooden chair has been designed, fabricated and evaluated. The down plate of the chair has the size of 20 x 480 x 635 mm and it consists from 20 layers beech’ ; s veneer. The back of the chair with the size of 445 x 940 may be displaced in the interval of 320 mm. It is possible to put up the back of the seat for 5 mm from the elastic elements. The angle of the back could be changed continuously from -10º ; to 80º ; . The chair is equipped with the arms displaced for 200 mm from its front. The distance between arms is equal to 485 mm. Designated height of the chair is 340 mm, but the down plate height of the seat may be altered by adding of washers below the legs. On the sitting plate the mesh with 2914 square openings with dimensions of 10± ; 0, 1 mm is attached. Each mesh opening on the plate is perforated with the hole sized of Ø ; 1 mm. The measure elastic elements in the form of cylinders with dimensions Ø ; 8 x 10 mm are seated on the down plate. Under plate is placed measured lath with two degrees of freedom (longitudinal and transversal displacements). The results of experiment are presented in the form of diagrams with pressure on the ordinate and height/mass ratio on the abscissa. They are also statistically treated by multi-regression method. The goal of performed measurements on the chair is not just new design of the construction, but also determination of relevant characteristics that have influence on the pressure transfer on the soft tissue between the skeleton and chair. Here are considered anthropological parameters and biomechanical indexes. Obtained results are evaluated to define significance of particular parameters.
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